What our Clients say

“After speaking with several architects about our house renovation, remodelling and extension project we decided Sean Macmillan had the best understanding of our initial ideas. Working with Sean has been a very good experience, giving us the confidence to invest in our home. Sean dealt with the inevitable challenges along the way with thoughtful solutions and have helped us realise our vision for a comfortable home, designed to meet our needs.”

Mr & Mrs Staughton, Limerstone.


“We selected Sean Macmillan for his knowledge and appreciation of modern materials and systems, technical ability and his willingness to work with us whilst suggesting but not imposing his ideas on us.

The project is a glass fronted new build in a prime location with views over the Medina river valley with low heating costs and comfort at the core of its design.  Sean was very happy to work with structural systems previously unused on the Island and accommodated significant changes during the design process.  This flexibility was key to producing an end result which is both aesthetically pleasing and true to the design brief.”

David Walter, Whippingham.


“I had a very helpful call the next day. We arranged a home based provisional meeting and then agreed a full survey with plans. The initial one hour consultation was free which is very good value for no money! To date we have made good progress and feel very optimistic about our project.

Peter, Shanklin.


“We recently purchased a 10 bedroom hotel and hired Sean MacMillan to design the complete refurbishment of the Victorian building as well as design a new 200 metre sq extension. Sean was recommended to us by a local planning consultant. During our initial walk around the site with Sean,  he impressed us with his quick grasp and enthusiasm for what we planned to do. He listened extremely well and made well thought out comments. After clarifying the specifics of what we needed, he then provided clear and detailed estimates of his costs. This helped us trust him and his ability to supply the architectural plans as necessary.

We’ve really enjoyed working with him. Sean has consistently produced excellent quality work to each time deadline. His creative ideas, attention to detail and resolution of design problems have been much appreciated. He saw the potential of the large loft space covering the older part of the building and came up with a very exciting plan to expand the hotel space into this attic. He has also come up with many innovative ideas for improving the design of the new extension.

Sean has also been incredibly patient throughout all the inevitable changes and improvements to the plans. Plus he has always been quick to inform us about all the necessary regulations and building requirements that need to be fulfilled. His ability to point out such  facts and figures instantaneously is quite impressive.

We feel confident that Sean has done his utmost to produce plans that not only please our desires but will also be approved by the planning department. We heartily recommend him as a first class architect.”

Owner, Haven Hall, Shanklin.


“I was recommended to use your practice by a friend who works in the building trade and whose colleague spoke well of you. I was very happy with the service provided and the outcome and was reassured by your supervision of the construction works.”

Mr. N. Jackson, Ventnor.